Gas vs Electric Lawn Mowers


If you are considering of purchasing a new lawn mower, you’ll have to make some choices as there are many options available. The first thing you might think about is…


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Ever since we came up with the idea to start this website, our main aim has always been to provide consumers with reliable and accurate reviews of different types of products that are needed to equip our homes as well as of different brands of products. From kitchen utensils to garden furniture to air quality devices, we have tried and tested everything for you and posted it here. All of the reviews are conveniently grouped into the following categories: Kitchen, Lawn and Garden, Appliances, Bathroom, Bedroom, Cleaning, Air Quality and Water Quality. Within each category we have reviews of hundreds of different products. Thus, you are bound to find information on anything you might need to purchase for your home – from functional items to decorations, we have reviewed it all.

When it comes to online reviews of products, a lot of people think that it is the perfect job because you get a free sample of something and all you have to do is try it out and post your opinion about it. However, that is not how we do things here. We strongly believe that the approach to professional reviews should be more systematic – it is about more than just writing an opinion, it is about analyzing all the physical features of the product, as well as the ease of use, availability, and durability, among other factors. Ultimately it is about determining whether the purchase price was worth it or not. Therefore, we do not accept or review free samples – all of the products we review are purchased. Not that reviews of free samples are always biased, but we believe that they only way to judge a product completely is to feel its effect on our wallets as well.

In addition to these criteria, we also have a few others. For example, we always try to use the product for at least two weeks or ten uses, whichever is longer, before we make up our mind and write up the review. We also look at how each product compares to other products we have tried in the same category and, of course, we post our top pick for each category. We approach these reviews as advice we would give each other and our friends – advice about products we would be interested in using in our daily lives.

In most reviews we try to include a section that outlines the target group for the particular product. This is clarify which group of people would find this product most useful or desirable. In addition, we often provide a list of pros and cons of the product we are reviewing. And when we write the cons, it is never cons that are not actually cons, such as ‘it seems too good to be true’ but actual drawbacks of using the product. There is not much point in writing reviews if we are going to stay away from the drawbacks and focus only on the advantages.

We also try to review products which have a questionable return policies. If you have ever had to return a defective but pricey product, and it took weeks before you could get your money back, then you should know where we’re coming from. There is nothing worse than having to deal with cheap parts which break after a weak or dents from the delivery, especially when the manufacturer’s or the retailer’s first priority is not customer service. Well, we cannot make companies improve their return policies directly, but we can help you avoid having to deal with them. Our reviews always include a small overview of the manufacturer’s or retailer’s return policy (from the one where we got the product as well), on top of information on whether it was worth buying or not. Hopefully, our reviews will help you find the right products for your needs and there will be no need to return them in the first place.

All of the above is what makes sharing reviews such an amazing and useful feature of online shopping, which also has a bunch of other advantages as well. For one thing, you’re saving on gas as well as on the hassle of going to each and every store, even if is just for a few small things. Not to mention that it is much easier to compare prices online and enjoy a wider selection than any kind of shopping mall can offer.

In addition to all that, you can easily read up on the opinions and experiences of other consumers online. Sure, some of those reviews might be false, but it is not that hard to distinguishing the false ones from the real ones. Just take a look at the review history of the reviewer – you should be suspicious if the profile is anonymous, has only one or two reviews and they are either extremely positive or negative about a certain product. With our website, you never have to worry about false reviews. We stand behind every review we have ever written and we are ready to stake our reputation on it, which we are in fact doing by posting online and making it possible for anyone to read. If our reviews were false or unfairly biased toward certain producers, it would become apparent sooner or later. This would make the reviews irrelevant, and the website as well. Thus, as you can see, it is in our benefit to provide fair reviews to the best of our abilities, not just because that was the whole reason why we got into it but also because that is what the consumers want to know.

Keeping all of the above in mind, we do not expect that everyone else will agree with each and every review we write. Experiences, perceptions and preferences can vary widely across different consumers with different backgrounds or age, for instance. Still, we find both writing and reading reviews worthwhile – they give consumers a lot more insight into the properties and use of a product than do brochures, leaflets or other promotional materials.