The focus of this article will be the Airocide NASA Air Purifier for allergies, asthma and chemical sensitive individuals with Odor control. Since air quality is such an important thing, especially for more sensitive individuals, we decided to devote an entire article to the description and review of the Airocide. Our Airocide air purifier review will cover the following points: a description of its physical properties, an overview of the kind of particles this purifier can tackle, a description of the air purifying mechanism and the pros and cons from owning this particular air purifier.

Product Description

The Airocide dimensions are 6 x 6.9 x 18.7 inches and it weighs 9 pounds. The design is very sleek-looking, with the dominating colors being black and brown. The package includes everything you need to make the Airocide immediately operational. There are certain accessories which are not included in the package but you can buy them additionally, such as a floor stand or a wall mount kit. The wall mount kit is very affordable whereas the floor stand is about 1/5 of the price of this air purifier.


Airocide Air Purifier

As for what the Airocide air purifier can do – well, it eliminates practically 100% of all types of mold, fungus, bacteria, dust mites, viruses, pollen and volatile organic compounds.

Volatile organic compounds are irritating and sometimes toxic gasses which come from common household objects, such as household cleaning agents, paint, dry cleaning, air fresheners, carpets and furniture and pesticides. Some remnants from cleaning or using these objects linger in the air and can have an effect on your health and comfort.



Thus, the main aim of the product is to completely remove all major allergy triggers as well as unpleasant odors. This makes it especially useful for people who suffer from allergies or asthma or who are especially sensitive to different kinds of air particles. It will help everyone in the household breath better, sleep better and feel better.


This Airocide review would not be complete if we did not talk about maintenance. One of the points of pride of the manufacturer is that the Airocide does not work with filters in order to clean the air. Hence, they point out that no maintenance is required as a significant advantage of this product, since there is no need for the occasional and quite unpleasant changing of filters. This claim is mostly true – there is no need to change filters occasionally because there are no filter to be changed. However, there are parts of Airocide that need to be replaced once a year. Those are called the Reaction chambers, they come in a pair and they are the parts of the Airocide where low quality air turns to good quality air. It is worth mentioning that a pair of Reaction Chambers costs about 1/6 of the total price of the Airocide air purifier.

How Does It Work?

Here is how the Airocide will purify the air in your house. A fan is used to attract air into the Reaction Chambers. Within the chambers, air particles are slowed down so that each particle gets in contact with a matrix of titanium coated catalyst. Here comes the real kick from using Airocide – the titanium coated catalyst technology was designed by NASA in order to destroy, not trap, all kinds of airborne particles that should not be in the air we breathe. As such, this air purifying mechanism is definitely one of the most efficient on the market.

Pros & Cons

The next part in our Airocide review will focus on the pros and cons of this product. Two benefits of choosing this product are that it can be kept on working 24/7 and that its electricity footprint is not too big at 60 watts per hour. A light on the purifier will tell you when it is time to change the Reaction Chambers, which is pretty convenient too. The biggest pro though is in how well it does its job. During the testing portion for the Airocide review, we were amazed at the effects, which were especially apparent at night. After just a few days, we all started feeling much less congested and there was a lot less snoring in the bedroom.

On the cons side, we cannot say that this device is quiet, probably because of the fan blowing most of the time. Still, even in the bedroom, we’d rather be hearing the Airocide rather than snoring! The price is certainly not a pro for buying this purifier, but the Airocide is a worthwhile investment, especially taking into consideration that the replacement Reaction Chambers are cheaper than most other replacement filters.

Sum Up



For the last part in our Airocide review, here are some other things you need to know about this air purifier that have not been mentioned yet. It is important to understand that Airocide is an air sanitizer, not a filter. What it does really well (and what it is supposed to do) is to remove organic particles from air, which includes all the things we mentioned above, like bacteria, viruses etc. What it does not do is to provide complete air filtration because it does not affect non-organic pollutants in the air. Dust, for example, is largely non-organic and therefore this purifier is not able to remove it from the air.


Thus, our recommendation is to purchase this product if organic particles are a real concern, such as in the case of allergies, asthma or living in an environment where bacteria and viruses can thrive. If you are looking for completely filtered air, you would be best off combining this product with a filtering product as well.

Airocide Review


All in all, we’d say this product is really worth it if you have just constructed and moved into a new home (since new homes can be full of chemical remnants lingering in the air) or if you suffer from allergies/asthma or if you are in the position to afford it without any trouble, because the overall health effects are really worth it.

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