The most important factor when choosing an air conditioner is the air conditioner’s cooling capacity, which is measured by its BTU (British thermal unit). There are many BTU calculators online that show you how many BTUs are needed to cool down your room. In general 20 BTU are needed for cooling down 1 square foot, but there are factors which affect this calculation, such as whether the room is shaded or sunny, how many people regularly occupy it, etc. If you need an 8000 BTU air conditioner or a 12000 BTU one, you can consult our Haier air conditioner reviews to find out more details about our selection of such air conditioners.

In addition to choosing the correct size air conditioner for the size of your room, other factors are also important. These include primarily noise, design, durability, price and settings. Our review contains a description of all these features for three different air conditioners, as well as the pros and cons from using each one. So, read on to read the facts as well as our impressions of using these Haier air conditioners.

Haier 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Haier HPN12XCM

Haier HPN12XCM

The first one review will be about the Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner. It is a portable air conditioner that provides cooling, fanning and dehumidifying for indoors spaces. More specifically, it comes with an on/off timer, 3 different cooling settings, 3 different fan settings and a dehumidify mode. It is a 12000 BTU air conditioner, which means that it can successfully cool down rooms of up to 450 to 550 square feet.

One factor we took into consideration for our reviews is the level of noise the product makes, which we always find very important in any kind of appliance we purchase. A real benefit to choosing this product is that it is really quiet and thus unobtrusive. Another significant advantage of this product is that it does not have to be drained manually – any water that is collected inside is reused by the device using Auto Evaporation Technology.

One of the pros of this product is that when the desired temperature is reached, the fan keeps working, but the compressor automatically shuts off, so you are not spending energy on cooling, just on fanning. However, this is also partly a con, if you are the type of person who would mind having the fan on the whole time the unit is switched on. This unit does not have the option for both the fan and compressor to automatically switch off when the correct temperature has been reached.

One annoying feature of this unit is that the blue display where the temperature is shown does not dim. Thus, if you are using this air conditioner in your bedroom then you might need to put a piece of paper or cloth on top of the display to dim it manually. That is a pretty easy solution, but it is an annoying situation to have to deal with. It is also worth mentioning that this is the heaviest unit among all three in our Haier air conditioner reviews.

Haier ESAQ408P Window Air Conditioner 8000 BTU

Haier ESAQ480P

Haier ESAQ480P

The second review is about a smaller Haier air conditioner – the Haier ESAQ408P Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner. As the name itself implies, one the biggest pros for this air conditioner is that it is a very quiet unit – in fact, it is the quietest window air conditioner on the market. This quality will no doubt be enough to entice some of you to give it a try, but for the rest here are some more details.

Some of the other great features of this product are the easy installation and the number of different settings. The instructions manual is well-written and according to our experience you should be able to have it installed within 30 minutes. There are 3 cool/fan speeds, auto cool, energy save mode and dehumidify mode. Last but not least on the pros side is that this air conditioner comes with the option to switch off all display lights whenever you want to. That is certainly an advantage over the Haier Portable Air Conditioner.

On the cons side, this air conditioner is not as powerful as the portable one – it is only 8000 BTU. That means it can successfully cool down a room of about 300 square feet. Another con is that a lot of the parts such as the side curtains are made of plastic. This is standard for air conditioners, however given this one’s price and market placement it seems like they could have used better materials, especially since all plastic side curtains rattle occasionally.

Haier ESA412N 11.3-EER Window Air Conditioner 12000 BTU

Haier ESA412N

Haier ESA412N

The last of our Haier reviews is about another window air conditioner – the Haier ESA412N 11.3-EER Window Air Conditioner. It is quite similar to the other Haier window air conditioner we reviewed – it also has 3 cooling/fan speeds, auto cool, energy save mode and dehumidifying mode. It also comes with a timer and sleep mode. Appearance-wise, this one has a slight edge over it, but the sleekest design from the three definitely goes to the Haier portable air conditioner.

One convenient feature of this unit is that it offers 4-way air direction, so you can have the air flow go exactly where you want it to. Another convenient feature of this air conditioner is that it comes together with a magnetized remote control – no more lost remotes! But even more impressive than that is the fact that this remote also comes with Braille for the visually impaired.

However, probably on account of being much more powerful than the other Haier window air conditioner, it is also not as quiet. Still, the added coverage of 150 to 200 square feet is not to be underestimated. The installation of this air conditioner is pretty straightforward too, although it is worth mentioning that this unit is heavier than the other Haier window air conditioner.

To sum up

Overall, all three air conditioners are very high quality products – in fact, it was their high ratings that prompted us to write Haier air conditioner reviews in the first place. After our thorough analysis, we have several conclusions we want to point out. The Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner is a great choice if you are looking for an air conditioner that is powerful, portable and sleek-looking. The Haier ESAQ408P Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet, versatile, easy to install air conditioner that comes with a lot of useful settings. The Haier ESA412N 11.3-EER Window Air Conditioner is the best choice if you need a powerful window air conditioner with a lot of settings and a remote that also comes in Braille.

Well, that concludes our Haier air conditioner reviews. We hope that they will help you know what to expect from using either of these three Haier air conditioners and that they will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your next air conditioner.


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