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The Bathroom section contains all our reviews on products you would usually find in a bathroom. When it comes to bathrooms, people’s most common concerns are with space and hygiene. For those of us who live in an apartment, size is usually a big issue. How can we fit all out towels, toiletries and so on, in such a small place? In addition, bathrooms sometimes have to play the role of supply closets too, especially if we are talking about studios, one-bedroom apartments or even two-bedroom ones.

Knowing these concerns, in this section we try to pay special attention to multipurpose products or products that help conserve space. We have reviewed a wide selection of high cabinets, mirror cabinets, shelves, wall cabinets and sink cabinets that could be useful for that purpose. Here, we are big fans of the mirror cabinets and sink cabinets precisely because of their dual functions. When they also come at a decent price and with a clean design, they are very likely to have a positive review, as far as we are concerned.

Furthermore, we are constantly updating our reviews of bathroom essentials, such as quality toilets, sinks, faucets, bathtubs and shower heads, curtains and hoses. It is our experience that it really pays to invest a bit more when you are getting your bathroom essentials – they will last longer and they will be easier to maintain. Those are the two biggest advantages from spending a bit more, while the third is the design, of course. Thus, do not be surprised if our top picks in these product categories are slightly on the pricier side. However, as always, we offer variety in our reviews in terms of price, so there is still something for everyone.

No bathroom is complete without some bathroom accessories. With the accessories, you can afford to be creative and give your bathroom some style. We review all kinds of bathroom accessories here, starting with bathroom textiles that can give so much color and accent to a bathroom. This includes many different towels, bath mats and shower curtains. Just look through our colorful selection and you will quickly see what we mean.

Lighting can also play a huge role when it comes to the style and feel of a room. There is probably no such thing as lighting made exclusively for bathrooms, but we do include some lighting products in the Bathroom section simply because we think they would look really good in a bathroom. This includes wall lights, LED lights, cabinet lights, ceiling lamps and some ceiling spotlights. Bathroom lighting is not only important for the look of the bathroom, but also for practical purposes. You need good lighting to make sure you look nice, your teeth have been cleaned properly and the makeup is applied evenly all around. So check out our recommendations for high quality bathroom lighting.

In addition, we also review other, more practical shower accessories such as shower shelves, shower caddies, soap dispensers, towel racks, soft and hard storage boxes and baskets and trash bins. A lot of these accessories can truly make your life easier and neater, especially if you are struggling with a small space. For example, shower shelves and caddies will not take up any of your floor space while providing decent shelf space for shampoos, cosmetics and similar small items. The best thing is, most of these bathroom accessories are not expensive at all. The trick is to choose quality products – since these are such common items, it is not as easy as it seems to find decent quality at a fair price.