Bunk beds are extremely common and popular forms of bedding system in which usually one bed is stacked upon the other. Bunk beds are usually found in Hostels, dormitories or in homes with two or more kids.

Bunk beds are usually used with the sole intention to utilize the bedroom or the children’s room in a more effective way and make more space. Though bunk beds cannot be touted as utmost luxurious, but they are quite comfortable and many of us have fond childhood memories which are closely related to those bunk beds.

As a matter of fact, bunk beds are also favorites of the Govt. dormitories and prison cells, even in submarines and aircrafts.

Categories and make.

Bunk beds are usually made up with woods and can be categorized as follows:

  • Standard bunk bed: This is the most commonly used beds and there are usually two twin mattresses used which are stacked upon one another only separated through wooden partition/plate. The bunk beds are generally connected and equipped with staircases which are attached with the beds.

Standard bunk beds are extremely handy of you plan to keep more furniture in the room as it does not takes up much space.

  • L shaped bunk bed
  • Loft Bunk bed &
  • Triple loft bunk bed.

Safety is a major concern when it comes to bunk beds and that’s why all the manufacturers have to follow strict safety guidelines as per the rules laid down by their respective countries while making one.


Bedz king bunk bed review.

This product is a standard bunk bed and is sold by the retail giant amazon and it is mission style wooden finish two twin beds stacked upon one another and are joined through a shared staircase. The whole set up can also be dismantled and the beds can easily be used as two separate twin beds. The endearing fact about this bunk bed is that it has been lab tested by an independent one not related to the manufacturers for child safety and the product is also lead free.

Bedz king bunk bed is available in an array of colors like- Ivory white, expresso, black, honey, cappuccino, etc.

The wooden structure of the bed is fully sanded and coated which prevents it against any sort of cracks and also from splinters. It is quite a heavy structure though weighing around 167 pounds and comes with head board, foot board, child’s safety pads, ladders, side rails, guide rails and wooden slates.

The hardest part of this product is that it requires assembling which can be in turn quite a tiring task.

The dimensions of this bunk bed are as follows:

  • Weight- Approx. 167 pounds.
  • Height after assembling- approx. 60 inches.
  • Length- around 80 inches &
  • Width- around 45 inches.


  • Multipurpose bunk bed. Beds can also be used as separate single twin beds.
  • Child safe make.
  • Presents many color options.
  • Wooden finish makes the structure sturdy.
  • The finish product is lead free.
  • Does not take up much space.


  • The bunk bed itself is quite heavy in weight.
  • Requires assembling.

I purchased this bunk bed for my kid’s room a year back through a leading online shopping site and I am quite satisfied with it.


Bedz King Stairway bunk bed review.

 Stairway bunk bed with drawers and storage is a very popular and a premium product from the house of Bedz KING. This bunk bed is unique in nature and has many added specialized features.

This product is basically a combination of two twin beds which can also be used separately as two different beds if dismantled. The set-up is one twin bed over another full stairway twin bed with twin trundle and 4 storage drawers. The whole structure is quite tall in its stature and eats up considerable space in the room unlike other standard bunk beds.

This stairway bunk bed from Bedz King is made of solid Brazilian pine and is available in various colors like- expresso, ivory white and black. It is ideal for use in the room of grown up kids who would have lots of their own personalized stuff to store. The product is tested for child safety and is wooden in finish and cracks and splinters resistant. The dimensions of this twin trundle bunk bed includes-

  • Weight: Around 335 pounds.
  • Height after assembled: 70 inches.
  • Length: 104 inches and
  • Width after it’s assembled: 60 inches approx.
  • Designed to accommodate 8 inches deep twin mattresses.


  • Sturdy wooden structure.
  • Reasonably priced considering the features.
  • Bunk beds with storage drawers, twin trundle and stairway earns this product brownie points.
  • Child safe, scratches and splinters resistant.


  • Very heavy in weight.
  • Requires assembling.


Bedz King Bunk Beds


Overall, it is a very unique and useful product. I have been using it for more than a year now and I am quite content with it and my kids feel really happy and comfortable sleeping in these bunks.

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  • Storage Capacity
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