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Cleaning may be a constant annoyance in our daily lives for most of us, but that does not mean we shouldn’t put some thought into what we use in our cleaning routine as well as how we use it. In fact, choosing the right cleaning tools can help speed up the process considerably, make it more bearable and more efficient. That is precisely why we decided to include reviews of cleaning appliances and tools on our website. We will cover home-use vacuum cleaners, special-purpose vacuum cleaners, mops and dusting tools in the Cleaning section, all of which can help you get the floor and some other surfaces spotlessly clean.

If you are going to invest in one great cleaning tool to make your life a lot easier, then that tool should definitely be the vacuum cleaner. It is probably the most useful cleaning tool in your whole arsenal because it can help you get rid of dirt and dust in a relatively quick and painless manner. With the right vacuum cleaner, you won’t even have to bend over to get the job done. That is why vacuum cleaners are the object of most of the reviews in the Cleaning section.

So here are the basics on vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners for residential use come in three main varieties – upright vacuums, canister vacuums and robotic vacuums. Our favorite is the upright vacuum because it typically has the strongest suction as well as debris storage capacity. However, canister vacuums come with a lot of different attachments for different surfaces and needs, so it really depends on your space whether you should go for the upright vacuum or the canister one. The robotic vacuum is not intended for heavy-duty jobs but it can do the job really well on its own if you have a lot of open floor space. All you have to do it to program it and make sure it has been powered.

In addition to these vacuum cleaners, we also review special-purpose vacuum cleaners which are suitable for a particular type of cleaning. For example, steam vacuums are used for removing stains and grime from carpets using hot water, heat and detergent. There are also automatic pool vacuum cleaners specially developed for use in or around pools. The wet and dry shop vacuum cleaners can be used from removing wet and dry dirt and debris from the floors of workshops. There are also handheld vacuum cleaners which are very suitable for cleaning up small spills around the house as well as for cleaning car carpeting.

In addition to vacuum cleaners, we also review different types of mops in the Cleaning section, including rag mops, string mops, sponge mops, dust mops, steam mops and roller mops. If you have ever gone to the store to get a mop and then found yourself standing in front of the isle, staring at it for 15 minutes straight and not knowing what to get, then you definitely need to read some of our mop reviews and find out what would work best for your needs.

Like mops, dusting tools also come in a wide variety of materials, designs and manufacturers. Thus, we have also included many reviews of different dusting tools in our Cleaning section. Dusting tools can come in a variety of shapes, from brushes, to cloths, feather dusters, swabs and even vacuum cleaners, with the proper accessories. Also, the material can vary from cotton to microfiber to feathers, so it really does matter what you choose for the type of surface you will be dusting.