When it comes to sweeping and cleaning tools and devices, there are always many different reviews with some people saying a certain product is their favorite and others saying they had a lot of problems with it. Thus, when it came to our opinion of the Swivel Sweeper Max, we decided to have some of our team test it out and come up with their own Swivel Sweeper Max reviews. Here we have condensed all their insights into one comprehensive review which includes a description of the main features, the pros and the cons of the Swivel Sweeper Max.

The Swivel Sweeper Max package contains one swivel sweeper, a rechargeable battery and a battery charger. Unlike the older versions, this package does not include any tool for cleaning the brushes on the swivel sweeper but that is because the brushes on this model can be removed from the sweeper and cleaned manually, which is easier and more effective than the older approach. While we are comparing it to the older models, it is also worth mentioning that this model is marketed as 33% more powerful than the older ones. We cannot tell for sure if the percentage is correct, but looking at its performance it seems like it is.


Everyone agrees that Swivel Sweeper Max is the perfect lightweight product for daily cleaning. It is no substitute for a vacuum cleaner, but if you use the two tools in combination, you could definitely go longer between vacuums. In addition, you will enjoy perfect cleanliness all the time, without the effort of actually vacuuming every day. Cleaning with the Swivel Sweeper Max is much easier – due to the fact that it is light and cordless and it has a long metal handle, which means no extra strain for your back. It is much easier to pick it up and clean up a spill than a vacuum cleaner, and it is also quieter than most vacuum cleaners.

There are a couple of things that make the Swivel Sweeper Max such a great daily cleaning product. Firstly, it is very light and thus easy to clean with. Secondly, once you are done cleaning, you will only need a couple of minutes to manually clean the brushes and empty the dirt tray. Thirdly, another great feature of this swivel sweeper is that you don’t even have to touch the dirt tray in order to empty it – companies are finally figuring out that we would much prefer not to touch dirt trays, collection bags and the like if we can avoid it. Last but not least, it is easily maneuverable so that you can reach all the corners.

What about the cons?

Well, since the Swivel Sweeper Max is battery-operated, you do have to deal with some battery-related issues. For example, you shouldn’t leave the battery charging for more than 8 hours at a time. Also, you should always drain the battery completely and then wait for it to cool off before you put it to recharge. Even with these precautions, the battery lifetime is still not great – about a year. Still, it is possible to just replace the rechargeable battery – you do not have to buy a whole new Swivel Sweeper Max and it does come out a lot cheaper that way.

Swivel Sweeper Max


All in all, everyone here who tested it and contributed to the Swivel Sweeper Max reviews agrees that this product is really worth the price. It makes cleaning much easier and hassle-free. And considering the price, it is amazing how well it picks up debris and dust compared to a decent vacuum cleaner.

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