Fried food such as chicken wings, fires and similar is considered one of the biggest food-related vices of the day, along with chocolate-based treats, carbonated sugar-rich drinks and other types of fast food. All of these are considerable drivers of obesity in the developed world.

However, when it comes to fried food, things are changing. Several manufacturers now offer oil-free fryers which manage to cook food thoroughly, to create a crispy layer on top and to lock in a lot of flavor without using much oil. All oil-less fryers are air fryers.

The cooking mechanism primarily consists of a mechanical fan which circulates hot air (around 200 degrees Celsius) at a great speed within the cooker, which is sufficient to cook the food and create some crunchiness. In this article, we will present our review of one such fryer – the Big Boss 300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer.



Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

The Big Boss 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer, 16-Quart is a countertop cooker that allows you to make crunchy and tasty meat and vegetables without the need to use a deep fryer.

One of the things that make this fryer better than any deep fryer is that with this one you need little to no oil for the cooking process, thus avoiding the extra calories and some of the more damaging byproducts that come with deep frying. At the same time, you still get to enjoy the crispy, full flavoured taste of fried food.

Thus, an oil-less fryer will probably become your best friend if you love eating fried food but you also want to cut down on calories and/or cholesterol.


The second reason why the Boss 300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer is better than a regular deep fryer is that it is much more convenient to use. For one, once you put the food in this fryer, there is no need to do anything else, such as stirring, until the food is done. In addition, this fryer has a two-tray design, which means that you would be able to cook two different types of food at the same time. Such a feature is always time-saving and convenient.



The next part of our Big Boss oil-less fryer review will focus on the size and price considerations. In terms of size, the Big Boss 300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer does not take up an excessive amount of space. Its dimensions are 16 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches and it weighs 14.7 pounds. Thus, you could either keep it on the countertop permanently or store it in a cupboard and take it out each time you intend to use it. You might want to do the former since it is rather bulky. However, given that it is not too heavy, both options are feasible.

In terms of price, this unit is in the medium range of the spectrum. It is certainly not cheap but it is far from being the most expensive such unit on the market.

Speaking of savings, we should also point out that there are considerable savings in energy consumption when using this cooker as it cooks up to 3 times faster than a regular one. Actually, the cooking power relies on three different sources: halogen, convection and infrared heat. That is why this cooker is able to cook food so efficiently while still retaining a lot of its flavors and moisture. It is not only good for frying, but for grilling as well. Thus, if your diet includes a lot of skinless, boneless chicken breasts, this cooker will probably be very useful for making some tasty and moist grilled chicken.

Furthermore, it is capable of quickly cooking frozen food as well, without the need to thaw it first. The Thaw function can also work as a Wash function for the tray racks, which otherwise might be troublesome to clean as fried food is notorious for sticking to the cooking surface. We followed other reviewers’ suggestions of pre-washing the racks using the Thaw function so that further scrubbing of the racks is minimal.

Here is how that works: set the cooker on the Thaw function, pour in a couple of cups of water, place the racks on the bottom tray and then put a tiny bit of dishwashing soap. Then switch the Big Boss on and in 10 minutes you will have some pretty clean racks which require minimal scrubbing with a sponge. Thus, cooking with the Big Boss 300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer really is efficient time-wise and money-wise and it is hassle-free too!



A proper Big Boss oil-less fryer review would not be complete without considering some of its possible disadvantages. We say “possible” because the points we have here will probably be disadvantages for some, and just right or advantages for others. The first one has to do with the cooking capacity of the fryer. Our estimation is that one cooking cycle of full capacity (which usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on what you are making) will be sufficient for up to two persons.

More concretely, if you use one tray for preparing oil-free fries, you will probably have enough space for 1.5 potatoes cut into chips and arranged in a single layer. The second disadvantage is that the fryer does emit some heat, contrary to the company’s claims. We do not consider this as a significant disadvantage, though, as cooking always entails some heat emission, the heat emission of this fryer is nothing compared to that of a steam cooker, for instance.

8.3 Good

On that note, we conclude our Big Boss oil-less fryer review. To sum up, this Big Boss cooker and fryer is an affordable and efficient mid-sized cooker. It is also somewhat bulky. However, for the convenience and health benefits it offers, a certain amount of counter space seems like a small price to pay indeed.

  • Price 7.5
  • Quality 9
  • Size 7
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Ease of Cleaning 9
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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