Today’s review will focus on the Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Set SBODB15. We would like to present to you this luxurious 15 piece full knife set which certainly is not necessary to have in the household, but sure is a very welcomed addition. While a lot of our reviews focus on products at different ends of the price range, for this review we are presenting only a single product at a single price point because we are convinced that, while pricey, this is one of the products that will last a lifetime.

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery SBODB15

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery SBODB15

In addition to durability considerations, there is also another relevant consideration – the importance of a good set of knives. Its importance is often overlooked due to the fact that the knife is such a commonly used tool.

In addition, knives come at literally every price point, which means that there is a large variety of knives to choose from. All of this can make it easy to oversimplify the knife purchasing decision.

On the other hand, a large number of famous chefs have singled out the knife as the most important tool when it comes to cooking.


Chopping, peeling, slicing and/or dicing are all necessary activities for most cooking endeavors. Thus, the quality of the peel or cut will influence the quality of the ingredients, which will then influence the quality of the overall result. The design of the handle, the sharpness of the edge and the weight of the blade all determine the usefulness and convenience of using any knife.


Build Quality

Now that we have established why a set of proper knives is so important, let’s turn our attention back to our Schmidt Brothers cutlery review. As we mentioned above, it is a set of 15 high-quality knives. The blades are made of German stainless steel and they are resistant to stains as well as to rust. The full tang, full forge handles are made of teak wood. The tang part of the knife is the part of the knife blade that extends into the handle. Only the highest quality knives have a full tang handle, where the blade runs down the entire length of the handle. A full tang is desirable because it adds strength and balance to the knife.

Another thing worth mentioning is that all the knives in this set are made with forged blades rather than stamped ones. Here is what that means – the blades were made by placing a hot piece of steel into a blade mold which was then hammered into shape rather than by cutting the blade out of a flat sheet of steel. The next phases of finishing the forged blades add more strength and durability to the blades, which is why generally forged blades last longer, are more balanced and are more expensive.

What’s Included

The next part of our review will show you exactly which types of knives are included in the set as well as what each one can be useful for. Well, this set basically includes all the knives you would need for different food prep purposes. Firstly, it includes an 8 inch slicing knife, which is intended for cutting thin slices of cooked meat, such as poultry, roasts, hams etc. It is thinner than the standard chef’s knife so that it can deliver more precise, thin slices of meat. A chef’s knife is included as well, of course. The chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used for anything from mincing to disjointing large cuts of meat. The chef’s knife included in this Schmidt Brothers cutlery set is 6 inches long. This is the smallest size available for a chef’s knife, which can be up to 12 inches long, which implies that it is also the lightest type of chef’s knife. The 6 inch knife is perfect for small-handed chefs and cooks.

Next, this set also includes a 6 inch double utility knife. That is a medium-sized double utility knife which is used for miscellaneous light cutting. It is great for cutting items which are too big for a paring knife but too small for a chef’s knife (e.g. cucumbers, apples). Another type of knife included in this set is a 7 inch deli knife. This type of knife is particularly useful for cutting up sandwich ingredients or cutting up a large sandwich into smaller pieces. The blade has a rounded serration which results in less food getting pulled out of the sandwich when it is cut into smaller pieces. As all sandwich lovers would agree, any knife that minimizes food pulling is an excellent knife to have in the house.

The Schmidt Brothers cutlery set also includes a 6 inch tomato/bagel knife. You probably did not know that such a knife even exist, but yes – there is a specific knife that should be used for cutting tomatoes or bagels. Actually, this type of knife is useful for cutting any items which have a harder exterior and softer interior. It has a serrated edge just like a regular bread knife. The main difference is that this one is quite smaller, and thus it can be used instead of a bread knife when a bread knife would be awkward or inconvenient to use.

No decent knife set would be complete without a good paring knife, and this set has two of those – one is 3 inches and the other is 4 inches long. Paring knives have a straight sharp edge which tapers off toward the tip. They are made for peeling, mincing or cutting small ingredients such as garlic cloves, shallots, fresh herbs etc. The last type of knife that completes this set is, of course, the steak knife. This set actually includes 6 of those, each 5 inches long. This type of knife is used for cutting main courses such as steak and chicken. The edge is partly serrated, meaning that it will remain sharper for a longer time compared to a straight edge knife.


To sum up our Schmidt Brothers cutlery review: we have described the set in detail, we mentioned its price and we discussed the importance and main uses of several different types of kitchen knives. Schmidt Brothers Cutlery set is really top notch, it just your decision if the investment it needs is right for you or not.

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