A pressure washer is a very versatile cleaning tool that is used both for household maintenance and for professional cleaning jobs. The cleaning mechanism in a pressure washer is quite simple. The pressure washer takes tap water (usually from your regular garden hose) and then passes it though a pump which accelerates the water to high pressure. The water then passes through a high-pressure hose and is sprayed out through a spray gun. The high pressure and the quantity of water being sprayed out is what knocks off dirt and debris. The water in a pressure washer is often mixed with soap, so that adds to the physical effect of the highly pressurized water for an even better cleaning. The pump in a pressure washer can be powered either by an electric motor or a gas engine.


Generac 6414 OneWash

Generac 6414 OneWash

In this article we will present a description of and our opinion on the Generac 6414 OneWash 4-In-1 PowerDial 212cc Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer. This Generac OneWash review was inspired by a lot of people enquiring about great pressure washers in general and also about this one in particular. So here is everything you need to know about the Generac OneWash pressure washer.

The pressure in this pressure cleaner is up to 3000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), putting it in the range of pressure washers intended for heavy-duty household cleaning jobs and very near to the range of pressure washers intended for professional use. Add to that a flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute and you get a very powerful home cleaning tool.


Genrac OneWash Controls

Genrac OneWash Controls

The Generac OneWash pressure washer comes with a consolidated control panel, where you have all the controls conveniently grouped together. There are 4 pre-programmed settings, where you choose the type of job you’re going to be doing, and the machine sets the water pressure and water flow accordingly. This is not the only part of the Generac OneWash pressure washer designed for the best convenience – there is also a comfort-grip spray gun and an inverted trigger which is easy to pull (so you won’t get fatigued using it).



In addition, there is an integrated spray gun holder, so that the spray gun can be stored safely and securely while not in use, but is also easily reachable at any moment. Furthermore, there is a low oil and low water alert which ensures that the engine and pump do not get damaged simply because there is no oil or water left in the reservoir. Also, the handle of the pressure washer is foldable for easy storage.

Also included in the pressure washer package are 3 different nozzle tips (quick-change, naturally): 0°, 25°, and soap applicator. A detergent tank is also included on-board, with capacity of 0.75 gallons. One of the more significant advantages of this pressure washer is that there is not only a variety of different nozzles with varying spray patterns but also the option to vary the water pressure. Not so many other pressure washers include this handy feature, which allows you to use such a pressure washer for both light-duty cleaning jobs as well as heavy-duty ones.

The engine is a 212cc Generac OHV engine. The package does include some engine oil for the gas engine. This engine was rated as the largest and most powerful engine in this class of pressure washers, thus you can be sure the engine is made to last.

Genrac OneWash Back

Genrac OneWash Back

This Generac OneWash pressure washer weighs 68.5 pounds, which is quite acceptable for such a powerful cleaning tool.

The high-pressure hose that comes with this pressure washer is 30 feet long and made of PVC. Most high-pressure hoses are only 25 feet long as opposed to this one, which has extended range for even more convenience.

It rests as far from the engine as possible, so there is no chance of the hose getting singed by the heat from the engine. The dimensions of this pressure washer are 20.6 x 21 x 39.5 inches. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.



The next part of our Generac OneWash review will be about our impressions on the convenience, usefulness and efficacy of this pressure washer. Let’s begin with the positive impressions. The first thing to do when you get this pressure washer is the assembly, which is pretty easy and does not require any special tools. It doesn’t require a lot of handiness either to get it up and running, and we reckon it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to do it. Then, it is pretty easy to get it started, for us it usually took only 1 pull.

Then, on to actually using it, the Generac OneWash pressure washer is pretty impressive. Since it is so powerful, we were able to cut down the cleaning time for our driveway from 2 hours down to 45 minutes. Thus, increased cleaning efficiency and time-saving are definitely 2 of the biggest pros toward getting this pressure washer.

Another thing the Generac OneWash has going for it is the great price-to-quality ratio. For the power it offers, it is really reasonably priced. It is far from being on the pricier end of the range for 3000 PSI pressure washers. At the same time, it does come with a lot of accessories and a smart design as well as a limited warranty on top of all that.


In the cons part of our Generac OneWash review there is really not much we could say. Well, there is one thing – the soap dispenser feature works a bit different in practice than in theory. The pressure on the soap dispenser nozzle is very low, so this nozzle cannot be used to effectively clean at the same time that you are dispensing soap. First you have to dispense some soap and then switch to a different nozzle to do the cleaning. The soap you just applied would then get rinsed off, so you might need to repeat the process a few times depending on the job you’re doing.

Genrac OneWash Review


This pressure washer is definitely a solid purchase if you need a multipurpose, outdoor cleaning tool for domestic use. You are very likely to get your money’s worth with this one!

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