Continuing our reviews of products used for maintaining the yard and outdoor areas in general, here are reviews of three products that will make yard maintenance much easier. What is the category of products? Well, it has to do with the one item you probably use on a daily basis if you want a blooming garden or a green lawn – the garden hose. Actually, in this article our focus is on finding the best expandable garden hose there is. To be fair, we have already found it and here we will present to you our findings – we present the best expandable hose we could find as well as two runner-ups which do a great job as well.

Top pick: Ohuhu® 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with All Brass Connector & Free 8-pattern Spray Nozzle, Green

Ohuhu Garden Hose

Ohuhu Garden Hose

We chose the Ohuhu® 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with All Brass Connector & Free 8-pattern Spray Nozzle as the best expandable hose because it has a great price to quality ratio, it comes with a lot of useful features, and all the parts of this hose are made from durable high quality materials. That is all any of us can ask for in an expandable garden hose, wouldn’t you say?

Here are the specific details. This Ohuhu 50 feet garden hose costs about $65, which is certainly not on the pricy side on the range. What does that money get you? Well, let’s take a look at the materials first.


This hose is made of double layer latex. Due to the materials used, this hose expends up to three times more than its storage length – when water flow is switched on the hose expands, and when it is switched off it shrinks. You can probably see the convenience this entails, especially in terms of storage. Basically, you are using 1/3 of the storage space that would normally be required for a 50 feet hose! Its storage length is a mere 17 feet. However, this self-expanding feature has one caveat. You should always keep in mind that you always switch off the valve on the connector before you switch off the tap. Otherwise, the hose might ‘run’ back and hit you.

Speaking of parts and materials, we should mention the connectors as well as the spray nozzle. Both are well made – the connectors are brass rather than plastic. The spray nozzle has 8 spray patterns that vary in intensity. In terms of water pressure, it works best with water pressure in the range: 43.5-87PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) or equivalently 3-6Bar. However, it is safe to use with pressure up to 145 PSI or 10 Bar.

Because of all these features and quality materials, the people at Ohuhu are confident that most users will be happy with their purchase and therefore they are able to offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We certainly do not need it, though – we are very satisfied users indeed. What we liked most about this hose is that it is very light and compact, making it easy to water the garden (without having to worry whether the hose is squashing some plants along the way) or wash the car. It does not kink or tangle either. The price is decent and there is also a limited warranty as well. Speaking of the price, we should mention that we were able to find it for half the listing price, which is certainly nice. But even if we hadn’t, we’d still say the price is worth the product.

Runner-up: My Garden and More Expandable 75 Feet Garden Hose Green with 8 Way Spray Nozzle

My Garden and More

My Garden and More

The runner-up for best expandable hose is the My Garden and More Expandable75 Feet Garden Hose Green with 8 Way Spray Nozzle.

It came close to the #1 spot, but as you will see, there are certain differences that give the other one the edge.

Still, the choice was not easy – as you will see, the choice depends largely on personal preference as this hose is better than the Ohuhu 50 feet garden hose in some respects and worse in others.



Let’s start with where it might be slightly better. This hose is the only one in the world which has an inner tube that is completely made of natural trice layered latex. The outer casing of the hose is a high strength polyester yarn. Thus, the actual hose part is probably just as good as that of the Ohuhu expandable hose, if not better. Due to its sturdy design, it can actually handle quite high water pressure of up to 225 PSI or between 8-15 Bar.

However, the connectors for this hose are made of plastic rather than brass. Reinforced plastic, but still plastic. Whether that is a big disadvantage or not will largely depend on your personal preferences as this is not something that that can be estimated easily. We should mention that My Garden and More guarantee with 98% certainty that there will be no leakage and with 99.8% certainty that the hose won’t explode, as can happen sometimes with regular, rubber garden hoses. Speaking of guarantees and warranties, there is a30 day money back guarantee for the My Garden and More Expandable 75 Feet Garden Hose Green with 8 Way Spray Nozzle as well as a 6 month warranty against leakage and explosion of the hose.

Some common features between our top two picks are the spray nozzle as well as the expansive capacity of the hose and the savings in storage space. There are no kinks, twists nor tangles with this hose either. It is lightweight as well, but not as light as the Ohuhu hose, probably because this one is considerably longer – in its extended length it is 75 feet long and in storage it is 25 feet long. Just as with the other hose, this one expands and shrinks on its own, as soon as water flow is switched on or off. In terms of listing price, they are rather similar too – this one is slightly more expensive at about $70 a piece.

Third best expandable hose: Garden Kings Expandable Hose 150 Feet

Garden Kings Hose

Garden Kings Hose

The second runner-up for best expandable hose is the Garden Kings Expandable Hose 150 Feet. It is the longest and most expensive hose among our top three picks – it is about 150 feet long and costs about $150.

However, as with the Ohuhu hose, this one also can be found for a fraction of the listing price – we managed to find it for about $60, which brings it really close to the other two hoses reviewed here.

Despite its expanded length, this hose is just as light and compact as the one made by My Garden and More. The storage space necessary for this hose is the same as for that one, because this is able to expand five times its original length after the water flow is switched on rather than three times as in the case with the other two hoses we reviewed. However, in terms of water pressure capacity, it is not as powerful as the other two hoses – this one works with water pressure up to 125 PSI. As for added features such as different spray patterns, the Garden Kings expandable hose comes with an 8 spray nozzle just like the other two. In terms of the spray nozzle there are no notable differences among the three. Another similarity – this one also comes with a money back guarantee.


To conclude this set of reviews, we would like to point out the distinguishing characteristics between these three great hoses and hopefully help you make the right decision. The extended length is one obvious difference which might be the decisive factor for you. The second difference is in the quality of parts, with our top pick having the best quality parts and the third best choice having the worst. Still, on this list, even the ‘worst’ still means ‘pretty great’, because these hoses would not even be on the list if we did not think they were durable beyond a year or two. Lastly, another important differentiating factor is in the water pressure capacity of each hose – depending on the intended use and water pressure from your tap, you might prefer to choose a certain hose over another. With that in mind, all of these hoses come with a money back guarantee and a limited warranty, so you should be fine even if you do not make the right choice initially.


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