Privacy Policy

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The privacy policy may change at any time. If it does, you will be alerted to these changes, and continued use of the site and its contents will constitute an agreement to the new policy. No changes to the policy will be retroactive.


Types of Information

Personal Information

You may be required to give personal information in order to receive certain services, including but not limited to: emails, newsletters, surveys, contests, customer service help, credit card information in order to make a purchase, or registering with the site or creating an account.

Non-Personal Information

Information may be collected as you use that site that does not help identify you, including but not limited to: demographic data, information about the device through which you are accessing the site, internet history, time of access, and search terms and results.

How This Information is Used

The information gathered is used for the following purposes: to provide the visitor with the services they request; to prevent activities that may be illegal; to provide the visitor with advertisements that fit their needs and interests; to communicate changes to our policies; to carry out contests and surveys and award prizes; to improve our company; to communicate with you about your account on the site; to send out newsletters or coupons; and to perform statistical analyses of our site. If you do not wish to receive emails from us, you can opt out at any time.

How This Information is Gathered


Most sites make use of ‘cookies’, or small files that are temporarily stored in your computer. These files help us make your experience on our site more relevant by ‘remembering’ your actions and linking this to your preferences. They can help automatically fill in forms on a site. You can decline to accept cookies if you so choose, but if you do so, it may make your experience less enjoyable because certain aspects of the site may not work as designed.

Web Beacons

Web beacons collect information in order to deliver the right cookies to your computer. Third-party advertisers use web beacons in order to determine which advertisements will interest you. However, these companies do not have access to your private information.

Collection of Data from Minors

If you are under the age of 13, this site has not been designed for your use. Do not use this site or send us your information.


How We Protect Your Information

We will disclose your personal information to other companies only in the manner stated above; however, companies that are affiliated with ours may have access to the information.

Your personal information and other information may be utilized by companies we hire for marketing, banking, or other services we require in order to make the site run smoothly.

We may also disclose information if we are required to by law, or if we believe we must do so in order to prevent an emergency or protect the safety of the public, including our other users and our affiliates.

If our company is bought by another, they may gain access to personal information.

Non-personal information may be disclosed at any time deemed necessary.

Your personal information is protected by SSL technology. However, we cannot guarantee that this makes your data completely secure. We are not liable for theft of information, errors in transmission, or any act or omission by a third party.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Information

Remember that any information you post in a public forum is public and viewable by anyone who visits the site. Do not place personal information in comments or forum posts where others can see it.

If You Live Outside the United States

This means that the United States will have access to your information under U.S. law.