We have written about the importance of access to good quality water before. And we have already reviewed many products that aim to remedy water quality problems. In this article, we will continue in this endeavor and present to you two new reviews of water quality-related products. The first one of them is the Morton Salt Company 34M Water Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner. It is a salt-based water softener with smart features that minimize salt and water expenditure. The second one of our reviews is of a very similar product made by the same company – the Morton System Saver 30000 Grain Water Softener M30. This is a whole house water softening system where the softening process is also salt-based. Thus, we have two Morton water softener reviews for you today. Hopefully they will provide you with some new information on these two water softening systems.

Morton Salt Company 34M Water Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner

Morton MSD34C

Morton MSD34C

We will begin the first one of our Morton water softener reviews with an in-depth description of the product in question – the Morton 34M Water Conditioner.

It is a quite compact unit with a white and gray color palette and dimensions of 18.2 x 13.2 x 48 inches.

It includes all the other parts you need to get it operational, such as the bypass valve, conversion nuts, washers and copper connectors.

The whole unit weighs about 90 pounds, which might be important for you to know for the installation, since you will need to move it around and fit it in place.

Another thing you will surely want to know is that the water tank and the brine tank are within the same unit rather than as two separate tanks, which simplifies the installation and maintenance process, so this is certainly a plus in our book.

The Morton 34M Water Conditioner has the capacity to handle up to 34000 grains of hardness in the water. Whether this is sufficient for you or not depends on the hardness of your water (which you can determine with a home water hardness testing kit) and the number of people in your household. The harder the water and the more people using the system, the more powerful it needs to be. However, in this respect, it is sufficient to say that this water softener falls on the side of powerful water softening systems, which means it can easily handle medium sized households and even large households of up to 8 members, depending on the hardness of the water. Also important to know is the flow rate this system can handle, which is about 8 gallons per minute.

With regards to assembly and installation, this Morton 34M Water Conditioner does come with very detailed instructions, so you could probably do the assembly and installation yourself. However, our impression is that some of you would be better off hiring a plumber to do it for you, since this is not a two or three-step installation – it takes more than that. In particular the installation of the bypass system can be the really troublesome. Products of this type need to be installed well for safety reasons, above all else, which is why we would recommend not taking any chances if this is your first home plumbing project. If the installation is not carried out properly, the water softener might become damaged quite quickly and then you would lose quite a bit of your investment. However, if you do have some plumbing experience and you feel confident while reading the instructions, you could have a go at it while being prepared to hire someone if you really get stuck along the way. That was our approach to it.

One of the most interesting features of the Morton 34M Water Conditioner is that it comes with the patented Morton Look Ahead technology. This technology means that the unit is able to detect and remember patterns in water usage, and use that information to predict likely future water usage so that it can adjust itself accordingly. This smart feature of the Morton 34M Water Conditioner is often the reason why people choose this particular water softener. It ensures that the unit is able to handle increases in water usage, such as over the weekend for instance, and also that it uses salt and water optimally during various levels of water usage. This technology, of course, automatically regulates the regeneration process of the water softener, which is certainly a plus.

In general, our impressions of the Morton 34M Water Conditioner after using it for two months is that it is a very effective water softener which pretty much runs itself after the initial installation is done. During this time, we did see a huge improvement in the quality of our tap water, so we can definitely recommend it.

Morton System Saver 30000 Grain Water Softener M30

Morton System Saver 30000 Grains

Morton System Saver 30000 Grains

The second one of our Morton water softener reviews is about the Morton Water Softener M30, which is similar to the other Morton water softener we have reviewed here, but there are also some notable differences that will make it more (or less) attractive than the other one.

Firstly, the dimensions are somewhat different – they are 17 x 21 x 43 inches, which makes this water softener more compact than the other one.

However, it is about 20 pounds heavier. It would take about 1.3 square feet of floor space to accommodate this water softener.


Its capacity is slightly less than that of the Morton 34M Water Conditioner with 30000 grains, but this is still pretty powerful – it should be enough for all the needs of a medium or even large household. Regarding the flow rate it can handle, it is more powerful than the Morton 34M Water Conditioner with the capacity of handling up to 11 gallons of water per minute. The recommended hardness of water for optimal functioning of this water softener is up to 110 grains per gallon of water. You can use a home water hardness test to see whether your tap water falls within that range. In terms of price, it is actually cheaper that the Morton 34M Water Conditioner,

Another one of the very useful features of the Morton Water Softener M30 is the 8 hour power interruption protection feature, which is integrated in the unit. Even though power outages are not something we should expect, it is still good to know that your water softener unit can handle them, especially if you live in an area where power outages are more common in the summer – a time when having a nice shower can feel like it is life-saving!

In terms of assembly, it is pretty much the same story for both of these Morton water softeners. Another notable similarity is that they both have the smart Look Ahead technology developed by Morton. Thus, both of these will be adjusting their operation according to how much water you would need. They will also use water and salt optimally, thus saving you up to 50% of salt compared to other salt-based water softeners. The Morton Water Softener M30 also comes with the Recharge Tonight and Recharge Now options, for extraordinary times when you are using a lot more water than usual. Its salt storage capacity is considerable – up to 175 pounds – which means you will not have to recharge the salt tank that often.

All things considered, we can conclude that the Morton Water Softener M30 is a solid, well-functioning product that would be perfect for medium sized households that enjoy high pressure water and thus can really benefit from the high flow rate capacity of this water softener.

That concludes our two Morton water softener reviews. Above you have all the information we thought you should know in order to be able to make an informed decision about your next whole house water softener system. Feel free to compare it with other users’ Morton water softener reviews if you feel the need, but keep in mind that our reviews are always partly based on third party reviews in addition to our own impressions because our aim is to always provide detailed as well as objective reviews.


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